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Am I Really A Bully?

By Alex in She Was Born Fine

She Was Born Fine

I have an oval face
a mohawk for hair.
I have a piercing in my nose.
I wear a shirt with a skull
and skinny jeans.
I have Nike shoes, all roughed up.
My socks have holes,
and they smell like sewage pipes,
but I think they smell like daisies.
I punch nerds on a daily basis.

Part 1

Bullies are crool
We don’t follow no rules
We think it’s pritty cool,
and we really hate sKool

Hey, look, my name is Rick,
and I’m so sick
‘cause I played that old trick
I’m so super slick
I beat the clock’s tick

Tock, I’m on the block
givin’ a nerd a sock
then I go home and rock
but then I got an electrical shock.

Part 2
After I got shocked
My teachers thought I rocked.
I never, ever socked
and I never threw a rock.
I don’t know what happened to me!
I never get angry!
When I come home, right at two,
I say: A new day comes, just for you.

I now wear jeans
and a peace sign shirt.
I put my hair down
instead of a mohawk.
I washed and sewed my socks, and now they
really smell like daisies.
No more punching nerds!
For now…

“Am I Really a Bully?” was written when Alex was 10 years old.

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