All This Ticking: Book One

At 826 Boston, which looks like a tutoring space to teach zombie students, the students eat the brains of tutors who bother them, and put them out of their misery. Emmy is a tutor at 826 Boston.

I found an earring. It was a time travel earring. The earring was one thousand years old. To work the earring you had to press a button in the middle. I went to 1912, at the beginning of the Titanic’s voyage. I rode the Titanic, and when it crashed into the iceberg I went back to 2015 and did not die or leave my husband. Because I was 23 in 1912 during the crashing of the Titanic, I wanted to live a happy life and not die early.

Every time I travel it looks like a wormhole, Emmy looks like a tutor, and my husband looks like a googly-eyed horse. My husband’s name is Crazy Face.

I would like to go to the Revolutionary War. And when I do, I will be one of the soldiers in the war. I will fight for freedom, and win a trophy, and win World War V, and be a billionaire. I will spend the money on horses and buy dogs, too — maybe a whole farm with a whole lot of endangered animals, like tigers. I will not go to any other wars because I might get hurt.

Next I will go to the future to see how I die. I like time travel because I want to learn more about the world — maybe even the whole universe.

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All This Ticking: Book One

A Public Service announcement from the 826 Boston Student Editorial Board. Warning: This book contains EXTREMELY high levels of awesomeness. Reading this book may cause time skipping or spontaneous time travel. You may experience unexpected premature wrinkling or new baby smell. This book may contain points for portals to distant lands and time. 826 Boston and its authors are not liable for any Columbus-related injuries, Roman jeering, or unfortunate 80s fashion choices you may encounter as a result of unauthorized use of these coordinates. This book may inspire especially strong desires to cure the ills and injustices of the past, present, or future. Proceed with caution and our full support. This book may make you too happy. If so, seek your doctor ASAP (because she should read it, too).

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