With a Crunch and a Slurp: Our Favorite Recipes, Remixed

I woke up in the morning as usual at 5:15 AM and got dressed, put my contacts in and got ready to leave for school. I never eat breakfast in the morning, it is just how I am. I always end up not feeling good if I eat in the morning. During the school day I ate the lunch that they give us: I always choose the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, as it is the closest thing to something edible. The quality of the school food is horrible, which is why I usually get something simple like a PB&J. The other food is just a big NO-NO because everything that the school cooks is whack, so yeah… no thanks.

That evening, my family and I had a big dinner. My dad cooked a lot of food from my culture. We are Italian, so we pay very close attention and care to the food that we buy and eat. The time we spend together with family at the table is very important. On this day our dinner was made out of an appetizer, a first “wave” of food, a second “wave” of food, and then a dessert. The appetizers were salty, as usual. We ate some fried mozzarella balls which were very hot and these things called Fiori di Zucca, which were stuffed with ricotta cheese. They were very tasty, but I’m not sure if they were 100% healthy. After one eats fiori di zucca filled with ricotta cheese, I guarantee they’ll be full. For the first course we ate pasta alla carbonara which is my favorite dish.

This dish has a lot of calories and its ingredients are spaghetti pasta with pancetta (Italian bacon) and a creamy egg sauce. This is a very traditional plate from Rome. The second course that we ate was a slice of lasagna. The last dish was a slice of Pandoro for dessert, which doesn’t necessarily have to be a dessert but it can be. Pandoro is a Christmas food that can be eaten throughout the whole winter season. It also goes really well dipped in milk for breakfast. It is sweet and just delicious in every way, an example of a relaxing food with soothing sugar powder on top.

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With a Crunch and a Slurp: Our Favorite Recipes, Remixed

Written by tenth-grade students from the John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science, these remixed recipes were a part of the three-book collection of writing for STEM that 826 Boston Writers' Room students published in 2018. Students in a chemistry class investigated the chemical properties of their favorite foods, then created healthier versions of those recipes.

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