All This Ticking: Book One

Albert Einstein built a pizza machine. There was a tube for sauce, a tube for pizza, candy, and pudding. The machine is called “Papa Gone.” The Papa Gone pizza machine takes you to the Papa Gone World. The world is made of pizza even the people, but they are still alive. They are wrapped up in pizza, and they have a camera for their eyes. The pupil is taken out and a camera is put in. They did this in order to see, because the pizza is always covering their real eyes.

One day, two 11-year-old people named Ava and Alex needed help.  Alex is ugly and 50,000,000 inches tall. Ava has pink skin. The pizza machine ran out of battery power. They were in Paris. They called Tyra.

Tyra discovered her friends, Alex, and Ava, were in trouble. They told Tyra to make a time machine herself to save them. She finally finished.

Meanwhile, the pizza people were having a party. They wanted an adventure. They went on a clothes adventure to buy different jumpers.

Tyra then traveled to Paris to find her friends. She took the time machine with her.

Ava and Alex were scared. They were scared because someone might kidnap them! They were in a place where kidnapping happens. Tyra saved them with her time machine. It was not difficult.

They had a party in Paris with the pizza people. They had fun and they brought a lot of food. They laughed and danced all night.

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All This Ticking: Book One

A Public Service announcement from the 826 Boston Student Editorial Board. Warning: This book contains EXTREMELY high levels of awesomeness. Reading this book may cause time skipping or spontaneous time travel. You may experience unexpected premature wrinkling or new baby smell. This book may contain points for portals to distant lands and time. 826 Boston and its authors are not liable for any Columbus-related injuries, Roman jeering, or unfortunate 80s fashion choices you may encounter as a result of unauthorized use of these coordinates. This book may inspire especially strong desires to cure the ills and injustices of the past, present, or future. Proceed with caution and our full support. This book may make you too happy. If so, seek your doctor ASAP (because she should read it, too).

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