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Falling in love at midnight

By Blessing in Untitled

The girl trapped in my mirror

Fell in love with me

Hoping that one day I would do the same


But frozen fingers do not experience touch

So I stared back at her

Lost in my own despair and

Unwilling to be moved


12:29 AM

My reflection’s whispers manifest as tears

“Cold is simply the absence of warmth”

She begs

“Midnight is morning draped in shadows”

“Look through it” “Look for it”

I look away


I want to see what you see

I want to drown in my oceans

Leave myself parched and wanting

Hug the way skin sticks to bone

Love the way a cut is promised to heal


Write myself love songs

Carry a boombox over my head

And serenade myself

(never ending adoration)

I’m talking a proclamation of affection


I want to be romeo and juliet

Scatter love letters on my flaws

Pour love on the wounds that refuse to heal

And the ones that may never


Midnight arrives and I fill my own thought

Every song reminds me of me

Every painting becomes a portrait

Every star submits to the twinkle in my eyes

I admit I am fluorescent when I smile

I could get used to this


No music

No light


Lay in my reflections lap

And let her ooze unto me

Let her beauty drip on me

Inch by inch

Let it cover me

Protect me

And in the moonlight

it would be enough


One day I found myself



Falling in love with my reflection



Loving her thoughts as if

They are poetry kissed by God

Acknowledge the flaws that edit her perfection

And thank them


Falling in love with her

Hasn’t stopped the tears

But their fall doesn’t weigh on my face

The way rocks press and suffocate

Barely holding on

Yet satisfied


My reflection tells me- “take it slow”


When your body has gone numb from the cold

The sun feels like hell

But I instead pulled in by her sky black orbs,

am too lost in my own jubilation


Snow melts into clouds

Wind becomes breeze

It’s simple,

If I love then I choose to love you

You who keeps me full

When my bones are hollow

The reason

My eyes twinkle and lips lift

My reflection looks happier


I fell in love

With the girl in my mirror

So I set her free

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