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My Best Dream, But My Worst Nightmare

By Jhordan in And Then My Teacher Bit Me!

And Then My Teacher Bit Me!

Note to reader: This story must be rapped.

V E R S E 1
Once upon a time two seconds ago / My best dream is when someone stole my dinner then he said he was a flipflam winner, a.k.a. a sinner./ He used a ray gun to steal my gorgeous face because I’m a flipflam winner.

I made two billion dollars a second as a model for my face. / Flashback: it was in the 1960s when we were dressed like hippies. / I beat him in a rap battle. / After that he was done with rap.

His bad face is worse than the human race. / So I shot him with a sleep arrow and I said, “You are a flipflam loser. You ruffian, hooligan / You just got BURNED! I got my flipflam face, my handsome face back.

I gave my face to the museum now, I make two billion dollars every millisecond because my face is so beautiful. / Where am I going to get a new face? Read my next book.

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