How We May Appear

I remember all the nature around me,

The mountains around a beautiful place called Guayabitos,

The people walking in the street,

coming back home after working the whole day.


The kids helping each other,

    The kids playing together without having a toy

    But happy without complaining about it

Thinking just to enjoy the time while happiness disappears.


The sound of the whistle that make people get energy after working hard,

That makes them get up and walk for another 20 minutes.

The field’s full of rocks, but they do not care about it.

   That makes them get ready to run behind a ball,

Ignoring how tired they are.


The night that makes them take a break,

Makes them feel proud of their hard work,

Makes them go to the bed.

Thinking about the new day that is coming.


The days that make all people walk together (La procession).

The amount of people in a church,

That beautiful moment with a friend, laughing,

Those are the moments that make you who you are today.

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How We May Appear

“826 Boston’s anthology would make [Phillis Wheatley] proud, as young writers of a beautiful range of colors and backgrounds lift their pens like swords to take up the task of self-discovery.”           —Amanda Gorman, poet and author of the book’s foreword In How We May Appear—the first book from 826 Boston’s Youth Literary Advisory Board (YLAB)—readers will discover more than 30 poems, essays, and narratives on self-identity from students all across Boston.

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