And They Call Us Aliens

This is the yuckiest sandwich in the world. Do you really want to hear the name of it? Well, I will tell you, but don’t blame me if you’re so grossed out that you can only eat bread for the rest of your life. It is called the tarantula sandwich, with squished up ants for mayonnaise. It tastes furry, gooey, and nasty. It looks sticky and not nutritious. It smells like dead pig and stinky trash. And do you want to know who’s going to eat it? The universe! Everyone wants to try the nasty sandwich because it helps your muscles. If you eat it, you will have an aftertaste of hair and you will throw up. The only place you can get it is at Stop & Shop for $15,000. Thank you for trying my sandwich!

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And They Call Us Aliens

Stories written by after-school students in 2010. Discover an alien tourist's impression of earth or search for great new alien words in this fantastically imaginative collection of student writing.

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